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Rudy Huber
(pictured above) & Bill Huber
Il. License No. 040000329


Rudy Huber
This auction company has been alive since the depression. Founded by John D Malhoit. He was a farmer, had an established slaughtering plant, and sold his wares off the farm. During the depression, he began auctioneering. Bill Huber married his daughter, Suzanne, in 1951 and the two teamed up forming Malhoit & Huber. Rudy, Bill's son, joined the auction team in the late 1970's. The Huber Auction Team has grown over the years. They partner in auctions throughout the state of Illinois and are involved in sales of Real Estate, Farm Land, Equipment, Household, and Antiques. This team specializes in auctions and appraisals. The Huber Auction Team is very active in the business and look forward to serving you and your needs with specialized care.


Fully insured, licensed, and bonded. The team has attended many classes and seminars. Bill Huber has even taught classes in the area.

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